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Seat Model: OBSIDIAN

OBSIDIAN, a flagship model in Monseat's conference seating range, showcases a bold and robust design, offering outstanding durability and comfort, ideal for demanding conference and lecture environments across Europe.


Technical Information

  • Ergonomically designed to provide optimal comfort during long conferences or events, ensuring attendee focus and satisfaction.
  • Features high-quality, durable materials that meet European standards, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Available in a range of colors and finishes to complement the aesthetic of any conference hall or auditorium setting.
  • Incorporates noise-minimizing design elements to maintain a quiet environment, essential for conferences and performances.
  • Optional foldable writing tablets for convenience, ideal for note-taking or laptop use during meetings and lectures.
  • Seats come with easy installation and maintenance features, designed for hassle-free use in high-traffic auditoriums and conference centers.
  • Customizable configurations, including straight or curved rows, to fit various room layouts and maximize seating capacity.

Technical Drawing

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